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Why Choose Our Services?

Our main goal as a, professional translation company, is to deliver high-quality services to both individual and business clients from all over the world. As a result, our team of language specialists is prepared to deal with documents of all types and from all fields of life and business.

From papers required for immigration purposes to academic papers and legal documents, our translation service company is the best solution for your needs!

Since launching in 2007, we have helped over 5,000 businesses boost their international appeal with our translation and interpretation services. Renowned for our commitment to exceptional customer service. We work with industry experts, ensuring completely accurate translations with the correct terminology, from law to finance to the medical industry.

Our hardworking and dedicated team is on hand to provide professional solutions for businesses in need of speedy, accurate translations at competitive prices. Whatever your timeframe or budget, we can deliver translation and interpretation services in many languages, tailored to your specific business need.


Telephone Interpreting

KG Consultancy has the number you need to call for all your telephone interpretation needs. Whether you are looking for a one-off phone interpreter, we can provide experienced, professional interpreters for your business.


Translation Services

As a leading provider of document and digital translations at Kgconsultancy, we pride ourselves on our high-quality content across a range of industries.


Interpretation Services

Our interpretation services cater to everything from a one-on-one meeting to a conference of 300 delegates, available in over 140 languages.

What We Do

Our Services



KG Consultancy’s team of expert translators offer accurate translations at the highest standard, with competitive prices. We provide translation services for both digital and printed documents, in a number of languages.



KG Consultancy offers several types of interpreting services, both on location and long distance. Our interpreting services are tailored to your specific requirements, and we advise you on which type of interpreter will suit you best.


Localization & Transcreating

KG Consultancy are experts in localisation. Our highly experienced team of translators can seamlessly translate 140 of the world’s languages and then localise those translations for audiences in specific locations.​


Translation for Video Content

KG Consultancy Audio visual translation service can prepare any video for an international audience. Our team of experts can adapt your video content to ensure its message reaches a multilingual audience with its original meaning completely maintained.



Accurate Translators
For Any Client

At KG Consultancy, we work with a constantly expanding network of highly experienced linguists. Despite a growing team, we maintain the highest level of professional conduct, and are dedicated to each of our clients, guaranteeing a highly accurate and bespoke service.


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Corporate member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (Affiliate)
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Whatever the situation we will achieve the best possible outcome.

KG Consultancy is committed to being a responsible business both in the way that it is managed internally and in how we deliver client service; delivering positive impact for our firm members, clients, profession, environment and our local community.

Our wide range of expertise provides support for our clients in all areas of their business and private life.

This is underpinned by the firm’s culture and values of teamwork and respect, integrity and fairness, understanding and commitment which is held core to everything that we do.

Whatever the situation we will achieve the best possible outcome.​

We are able to offer fast and efficient certified translation services to suit your needs. As a long-standing member of the Association of Translation companies, we are able to issue certified translations or certificates of authenticity for our translations that are accepted by all UK authorities, including courts, the Home Office and the UK Passport Office.

We also provide comprehensive and flexible outsourcing solutions for our clients’ business needs, and delivers consistently excellent services to our rapidly expanding clientele. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers increasingly makes Rosetta the partner of choice for even the most complex and specialist translation needs.

Top Quality Translation of Legal Documents

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the translation of legal documents of all kinds. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers makes Rosetta the ideal partner for even the most complex and specialist legal translation needs.

Kgconsultancy provides comprehensive and flexible medical translation servicesto medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers increasingly makes Rosetta the partner of choice for even the most complex and specialist medical translation needs.

What is Court Interpreting?
Interpreting (also known as interpretation, spoken translation or oral translation) consists of translating the spoken word orally. Court interpreting, also known legal interpreting or judicial interpreting, involves interpreting during legal proceedings, whether these take place in a court room, tribunal or conference hall.

When is Court Interpreting Used?

Court interpreting is useful – and indeed needed – for any court proceedings, where an important participant in the proceedings, such as the defendent or a witness, does not master the local language, and therefore cannot follow proceedings adequately. Sometimes, more than one language pair is required.

What is consecutive interpreting?
Consecutive interpreting is where the interpreter stands beside the speaker and interprets in sections, i.e. consecutively. Whilst the speaker is talking, depending on the length of the sections of speech, the interpreter may take notes, and then when the speaker stops, the interpreter respeaks what has been said into the target language. The interpreter will reproduce what has been said accurately and faithfully.

For consecutive interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters work both into and out of their mother tongue.

Who is consecutive interpreting useful for?

Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for a number of different settings. More frequently it is assigned to small to medium-sized gatherings, but is perfectly acceptable for larger gatherings with the aid of a microphone and speakers.

Over the phone interpretation is one of the most convenient forms of interpretation available to businesses, thanks to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Telephone interpreting allows people to communicate across different languages in a matter of seconds.

A telephone interpreter is an essential service if an interpreter is unable to attend your meeting or conference in person. Similarly, a phone interpreter is beneficial in an emergency or unexpected situation where interpretation is needed, and can also preserve anonymity if necessary.

The team at kgconsultancy have decades of telephone interpretation experience between them. Our phone interpreters are bilingual and bicultural professionals, all of whom are experts in specific business sectors.


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