Business Translation

KG Consultancy provides Business Translation services in London, UK and worldwide.

“The language of business and law is different than the language spoken by most people on the street.”

Business Translation 

The internationalisation of business and its expansion is a reality. Some business documents as patents, contracts, application letters, strategy guides, marketing, advertising or financial statements cannot be translated “approximately”. Accuracy is a priority within the business (labour in general) world. Business translation involves different important aspects:


Business documents contain specific terms and a technical vocabulary. As a matter of fact, translation can have a huge impact on your business relations, whether positively or negatively. A simple word can have several meanings and a mistake in its use can have a disastrous impact on your image. Languages as Arabic, Russian and Chinese can be seen as tough languages to understand from a Western European and have to be meticulously interpreted. Our professional translators have business, legal, medical backgrounds and are able to master many languages using adapted terminologies.


Ideas, beliefs, figures of speech, metaphors… are different from one language to another, a culture to another. Our translators and partners’ knowledge of multiple cultures and languages enable us to provide you with the best interpretation possible of a text, video…


Avoiding cultural “faux pas” is a necessity. From embarrassment to offence, a single mistake can sink a deal. Take the example of Chinese language, a simple word / sound can have a dozen of senses, whom some can be considered as offending. It is mandatory for your translator to be aware of the culture of the concerned country.

Legal System

Legal system varies from one country to another, even if the language spoken in those two countries is the same. Our legal and business specialized translators are familiar with legal systems, legal obligations and best practices. Taking into consideration the legal environment is mandatory for a professional business translation to be relevant and official in the country of destination.

Trust the professionalism of KG Consultancy, trust the quality and strengthen your international footprint, reach international partners and markets, keep sustainable relationship with your business partners worldwide.