Court Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

Legal fees, opportunity loss and unexpected delays are likely consequences when mistakes take place while in translating legal documents. At KG Consultancy, we have been offering litigation support and document translation services for more than 15 years. Moreover, our qualified and professional court interpreters offer quality translation interpreting services within the stipulated period.

Services Offered

We undertake a significant amount of public sector and private sector interpreting, helping to communicate with the non-English speakers around the globe. We offer legal translation translation services in the fields of:

• Patent litigation
• Antitrust
• International arbitration
• Commercial litigation
• Corporate litigation

More over our experience ensures a thorough understanding of the legal text and accurate interpretation of each document. Contact us to know more about legal document translation.

Legal Interpreting

If you need court or legal interpreters in the law firms, police departments or court or legal aid organisation, KG Consultancy we can help you. We have multiple legal interpreters in London working with us, serving both the small and the big legal firms with professionalism and competence, offering superior legal interpretation service.

Our court interpreters have adequate experience and have broad understanding of the of legal terminologyms and knowledge of both the source as well as the target language. Regardless of whether you need an interpretation service for just a few individuals or thousands, our offer of telephonic, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation service can help you find the right interpreter to fulfil your needs.