Their spouse Hester had been after Canterbury, England, hence possibly thlooks is whenever this person try at also.

Their spouse Hester had been after Canterbury, England, hence possibly thlooks is whenever this person try at also.

William Bradford recorded their variety of people in which arrived duras part ofg when you look at the Mayflower. “Francis Cooke as well as their son John, and yet their spouse as well as other young ones arrived after ward”. Subsequent inside 1651, this person writes “Francis Cooke continues to be lifestyle, a really aged man, as well as hath noticed their kid’s young ones come with kiddies. Shortly after their spouse arrived more than along with other to their young ones; that he hath 3 always residing by just the lady, almost all hitched and also 5 kiddies, quite his or her help improve try 8. As well as their son John typically arrived through among him try hitched, as well as hath 3 offspring lifestyle. “

Francis and also Hester (Mahieu) Cooke experienced resided at Leyden as soon as 1603, regarding 5 years ahead of the Pilgrims fled truth be told there starting England. At 1606, these remaining Leyden to reside in Norwich, England wherein that they joined up with the French Walloon church; but these didn’t keep prolonged inside England–Probably due to faith based persecution–and by just 1607 were back in Leyden while people in their French Walloon church here.

Supply: Mayflower Families happening: Francis Cooke of 3 Generations, simply by Robert S. Wakefield, basic people out of Mayflower Descendants, 3rd version, 1994 Mayflower Descendants, 8:48-50, “that Mayflower wedding documents in Leyden then Amsterdam: Francis Cooke”. Brand new England historic and also hereditary subscribe, 107:61, 143:195-199 (reports associated with the Cooke and also Mahieu families at Holland then England).

Jane Cooke 1608 – 1666

John Cooke 1607 – 1695

Elizabeth Cooke 1611 –

Jacob Cooke 1618 – 1675

Hester Cooke 1625 – 1669

Mary Cooke 1627 – 1713

Francis hitched Hester Mahieu, girl to Jennie un Mahieu plus Jeanne, to four Jul 1603 inside Leyden, Holland. Hester came to be about 1585 in Canterbury, Kent, England as well as passed away shortly after eight Jun 1666 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

Complete records: starting Genealogies to Mayflower Families; Hester un Mahieu, Wife to Francis Cooke This has for ages been popular your Hester un Mahieu concerning Francis Cooke regarding the Mayflower, is a Walloon off Canterbury, in which the Walloon Church ended up being created in 1547, in crypt for the Cathedral, through refugees fleeing starting persecution inside Brabant. In five July 1603 Francis Cooke, woolcarder, off England, had been betrothed in order to Hester un Mahieu, singlewoman, associated with the woman mom to sibling, simultaneously known as Jennie un Mahieu starting Canterbury (Mayflower Descendant, vol. 27 p. 145 sq.). Your reports regarding the Walloon-French Church as part of Canterbury include wide range of recommendations into the un Mahieus. To 27 March 1582 Jonas, son out of Hercules Landsheare as well as Clarette Mahieu, ended up being baptized. Regarding eleven November 1604 Anthony, son out of Jean un Mahieu, indigenous to Coulon, nearby Calais, hitched Martha Cornart, child associated with Noe that is late Carnart indigenous to Canterbury. Babtized 29 Sept. 1605 Marye, girl to Antoine Mahieu (Registers associated with Walloon to Huguenot Church Canterbury, vol. One, p. 4. ) it might probably try to be proposed which Hester or perhaps Esther is likely the best sibling concerning Antoine plus child out of Jean un Mahieu after Coulon.

Francis Cooke hyourd been a 1620 Mayflower traveler first after Blythe, Yorkshire, England and soon after concerning Kent County. Each reports as part of Holland explain him being a woolcomber in which he appeared here ahead of the arrival for the Clyfton/Robinson Separatists.

Your date concerning their wedding inside Hester Mahieu as part of Leyden, Holland maintains usually become im im printed incorrectly ( ag e.g., 30 June 1603). However, a write-up inside Mayflower Descendant 27:145-55 (latest lighter at Francis Cooke then their spouse Hester Mahieu as well as his or her Son John) visits very good problems to provide a predicted date then states their the earlier posted date had been wrong. Wedding motives are joined July four, 1603 then Luly five, 1603 which means that the 3 banns are proclaimed July six, July thirteen to July twenty (several successive Sundays); subsequently, their marriage were held at otherwise shortly after July twenty, 1603. Hester Mahieu, that daugther to Jennie un Mahieu out of Canterbury, England passed away. After 8, 1666 in Plymouth june.

Francis Cooke appears usually in Plymouth records in grand and also test juries, as being a surveyor regarding the highways, at some ad hoc committees, plus in amount of property deals. He stumbled on Plymouth using son John, along with his spouse as well as his or her girl, Jane then son, Jacob appeared on the ship Anne at 1623. A couple additional kids, Hester then Mary, had been born in Plymouth. Francis passed away April seven, 1663 “above 80” years old.

Each will certainly out of Francis Cooke out of Plymouth, dated 7th tenth mo. 1659, exhibited five 1663, names wife Hester and son John june. Their stock was dated could one, 1663. An understanding manufactured 8, 1666 between John Cooke, Jacob Cooke, Hester Wright the wife of Richard Wright and Mary Tomson the wife of John Tompson disposed of the land of Francis Cooke june. That the contract mentions Hester Cookie continues to be lifestyle. In the date that is same Cooke verified in order to Richard Wright then Thomas Mitchell, inside equal stocks, 60 acres to upland, close Jones River Meadow previously offered consumers simply by Francis Cooke. To July five, 1670 the best court report mentions your land named “old Cookes Holes, ” lying in Jones River was presented with through Francis Cooke towards Richard Wright and also Thomas Mitchell then considering their (Francis) decease verified onto Richard Wright plus Thomas Mitchell with John Cooke. In one Aug. 1672 Thomas Mitchell concerning Duxbury available towards Richard Wright out of Plymouth their promote inside grant that is above states it had been directed at him through his grandfather, Francis Cooke.

Editors’ Records

Mainly because Francis Cooke’s origins have always been disputed, these unverified moms and dads have actually become deliberately taken off this particular profile: Edward Cooke, Alice Caunton, Richard Cooke, Edward Cooke, Alice Caunton. This course of action is within accordance at WikiTree plan. Zero biggest provider has become discovered to determine their moms and dads.

Joseph St. Dennis revealed: Both of the Richard Cooke as well as Anne Caulton; and also Edward Cooke plus Alice Caunton have now been cited when moms and dads concerning Francis Cooke. And yet their ancestry continues to be as yet not known. Many ancestries that are fictitious become offered, a few of that are plainly hoaxes. Any hoax are available in chapter six concerning ‘New Light on Pilgrim tale. ‘ (for conversation out of the reason why this is certainly a hoax, read ‘English Ancestry and also houses for the Pilgrim dads’ simply by Charles Banking institutions. ) Tudor Location, archived in WayBack Device

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