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KG Consultancy’s recruitment offers temporary and permanent recruitment solutions for companies across the UK. We deliver skilled and experienced staff within for our clients to meet their recruitment needs. ”We source the very best candidates for various positions”.

    Our administrative assistants have a varied and often high-pace job environment. As such, our staff in this position are able to handle multiple tasks at once, budget their own time well, interact professionally with all members of a company, and be very good communicators. Some of the services they offer may include : 
    • Answer telephone and direct calls as appropriate
    • Receive and respond to email messages
    • Schedule meetings
    • Develop reports
    • Perform data research 
    • Maintain filing system
    • Act as communication relay, making sure all parties receive necessary information and that this information is accurate
    • Make travel arrangements
    • Create and reconcile the expense reports

    Our customer representatives are friendly, patient, able to work in a fast-paced environment, able to work as a team, attentive to detail, able to work on deadline, able to prioritise customer orders, critical thinker, problem-solver, listening skills, accurate record-keeping. Some of the services they offer may include :
    • Work as part of the sales team to drive positive company sales results
    • Live chat or instant message
    • Maintain thorough customer service records and process their orders.
    • Keep confidential records and financial information private and secure as per GDPR.
    • Learn how to use database systems and technology to deliver great customer care
    • Liaise with company suppliers to arrange collections, deliveries item repairs, correspondence and email management as needed
    • Help customers register either online or in person.
    • Check product availability for customer orders and order or restock items if necessary to satisfy the customer
    • Assist financial department with customers on security checks, accounting enquiries or flagged accounting issues raised by the customer
    • Communicate with customers about their orders, including any delays or changes in delivery

    Our accounting staff can manage general accounting and financial processes including preparing tax documents and updating expense files. Some of the services they offer may include :
    • Reconcile invoices and identify discrepancies 
    • Create and update expense reports 
    • Process reimbursement forms 
    • Prepare bank deposits 
    • Enter financial transactions into internal databases 
    • Check spreadsheets for accuracy 
    • Maintain digital and physical financial records 
    • Issue invoices to customers and external partners, as needed 
    • Review and file payroll documents 
    • Maintain and update accounting records and files 

    Our IT staff diagnose, repair problems, install software patches, install upgrades, monitor networks/servers, manage data security, ensure computer systems are optimized and run efficiently. Some of the services they offer may include: 
    • Install and configure computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners
    • Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks
    • Respond in a timely manner to service issues and requests
    • Provide technical support across the company (this may be in person or over the phone)
    • Set up accounts for new users
    • Repair and replace equipment as necessary
    • Test new technology
    • Possibly train other staff

    Our web designers are able to translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and artifacts; have user interface design skills with the ability to transform them into intuitive, and functional designs. Some of the services they offer may include: 
    • meet clients to identify their needs and liaise regularly with them
    • draw up detailed website specifications
    • design sample page layouts including font, text size and colours
    • design graphics, animations and manipulate digital photographs
    • register web domain names and organise the hosting of the website
    • present initial design ideas to clients
    • carry out coding using a variety of software
    • work with different content management systems
    • consider search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • meet relevant legal requirements such as accessibility standards, freedom of information and privacy
    • design the website’s visual imagery and ensure it’s in line with company branding policy or the requirements of the client
    • proofread content and make changes where necessary
    • edit content, debug code and re-design web pages
    • work with other web specialists, including web developers and graphic designers
    • liaise with outside agencies
    • test the website to ensure it’s working
    • hand the completed website over to the client
    • provide post-sales technical support
    • train the clients’ staff 
    • research current design trends.

    Our offices assistants undertake a variety of office support tasks, diligent under pressure, meticulous, discrete and achieve effective results. Some of the services they offer may include: 
    • Handle incoming calls and other communications.
    • Manage filing system.
    • Record information
    • Update paperwork, maintaining documents, and word processing.
    • Help organize and maintain office common areas.
    • Perform general office clerk duties and errands.
    • Organize travel by booking accommodation and reservation needs
    • Coordinate events
    • Maintain supply inventory.
    • Maintain office equipment
    • Aid with client reception
    • Experience as a virtual assistant.
    • Create, maintain, and enter information into databases.

    Our Sales/Store Assistants sell products, assist customers in a store or retail outlet, process sales transactions; resolve customer issues, keep the shop orderly, ensure that retail operations are carried out effectively and efficiently for maximum customer satisfaction. Some of the day-to-day services they offer may include: 
    • Keeping the store fully stocked 
    • Maintaining the highest level of visual merchandising and store conditions
    • Delivering exceptional sales services for improved customer satisfaction 
    • Interacting with customers and identifying their needs and preferences
    • Operating cash registers and point-of-sale machines 
    • Receiving and verifying the quality and quantity of new shipments
    • Enforcing in-store security and health and safety procedures and regulations